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Jason's Keynote Topics

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Persuasion in Your Field

How to stand out in communicating ideas?

Persuasion plays an enormous role in succeeding in business settings. Before clients buy your services, they need to be persuaded by your description of the services. However, why is it so difficult to do?

So what should you do to make people buy more into your stance? Jason will first debunk the myths of persuasion. Then, show your colleagues how to use various analysis and persuasion techniques in debating/public speaking to make your speech/writing much more persuasive. 

Target Audience: Corporates/Adults
Length: Keynote Presentation / 2-hrs / 3-hrs / Full-day Workshop

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Analyzing DSE English Speaking Exam

How to impress the examiner?

Students often struggle with elaborating ideas and structuring them in a way that's easy to understand. Experienced teachers can often demonstrate the perfect pitch but may find it hard to explain the underlying mechanism of speech. Perhaps that's the time to derive insights from how professional speakers talk in debating and public speaking!

Good debaters are trained to explain ideas with specificity and complexity. Good debate coaches turn complicated concepts and ideas into easily digestible chunks for students to learn. Jason does one step further -- he transforms these chunks of materials and contextualizes them into DSE English Speaking Examination!

Target Audience: Students & Teachers
Length: Keynote Presentation / 1-hr / 2-hrs / Full-day Workshop / Workshop Series

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Adjudicating and Teaching Debate and Public Speaking

How should we train students in debating and public speaking?

Communication and Persuasion are two of the highest value-added soft skills in the 21st century. This creates a great demand for education on debating and public speaking. Also, the high costs associated with hiring an experienced debate coach often turn many schools away, making many students not get trained properly in these two skills.

Jason wants to reverse this inequality in educational opportunities with you! If your institution has a team of trainers, Jason would like to share his knowledge and experience in coaching, debating, and public speaking with you! The package can go from developing a curriculum to giving constructive feedback in a very systematic manner.

Target Audience: Educators
Length: Keynote Presentation / 1-hr / 2-hrs / Full-day Workshop / Workshop Series

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Impressing the Adjudicator

Experienced debaters will know this-- the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition(HKSSDC) has a set of clear guidelines on what to include and exclude to score high marks in debate speeches. What is not told by the official HKSSDC guideline is that the competition tries to forge some of the essences of the World Schools Debating Championship and the World Universities Debating Championship to make itself even better.


Jason, as one of the lecturers who gave a workshop series on adjudication for HKSSDC, knows this open secret well. Jason will first share a list of the most common mistakes, why teams lose debates, and how to avoid them. Then, he will show you 8 proven techniques to impress the judge. Sounds promising, isn't it?

Target Audience: Teachers and Students

Length: Keynote Presentation / 2-hrs / 3-hrs / Full-day Workshop

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Pitching for Startups

Capturing your investors' attention!

Competition is fierce in the realm of startups. Not only will you need a dream team and a great business model but also to showcase your excitement and passion for your startup project. But how?

Jason will explore how we generate audience rapport and capture their attention through a variety of techniques on delivery. He is also very happy to craft the pitch with your team along the way!

Target Audience: Startup Entrepreneurs
Length: Keynote Presentation / 1-hr / 2-hrs / Full-day Workshop / Workshop Series

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